Be bold.
Be you.
Lead Proud.


Ali Gunn Jewelry Founder

The seed for Ali Gunn began as a personal search for bold, modern pieces that were anything but cookie-cutter reproductions.

In a world quick to produce designs based on trends and even quicker to sacrifice quality for convenience, my search ended with the realization that …

I was looking for purposeful pieces that reflected the energy I wanted to convey when I walked into a room — Strength.

The strength of my voice, my femininity, my intelligence, my compassion, my beliefs.

Inspired by organic shapes, textures, and asymmetry, Ali Gunn pieces are as unique as the multifaceted women who wear them.

We at Ali Gunn believe that wearing jewelry is a form of self-expression and we aim to be a brand that celebrates and amplifies women’s voices and their stories of strength, courage, and vulnerability.

Jewelry can be more than a statement. It can be a symbol. I invite you to be a part of a community that is courageous in spirit, empowering of others, and a positive force to be reckoned with.

Ali Gunn Signature
Ali Gunn Orange

For the trailblazers, wavemakers, glass-breakers, and game-changers

We create bespoke, handcrafted pieces for those who show up, tirelessly, to build their futures.


Ali Gunn designs are symbols of unity and empowerment. Our goal is to provide women with meaningful choices for self-expression.

Our designs belong in boardrooms, not ballrooms and we welcome all people at varying stages of their journey to self-empowerment.

The Ali Gunn woman uses her voice to drive change and make waves. She is unapologetic about her success and steadfast in her ideals.

Collectively, Ali Gunn women are role models, nurturers, communicators, mediators, and bosses, troublemakers, mentors, innovators, and advocates.

Fueled by persistence, Ali Gunn is your permission to be bold, be you, and lead proud.