Unafraid to be seen. Dares to be heard.

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We believe our jewelry is a symbolic and powerful extension of the female voice.


We aim to be a brand that serves trailblazing women and showcases stories of bravery and vulnerability.

Ali Gunn Jewelry Wavemaker


One-of-a-kind. Handcrafted to perfection.


The Wavemaker Collection pays homage to the energy, movement, and collective power of the sea.

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Ali’s Picks

Ali Gunn Jewelry Cascade Ring
The Cascade Ring

This was the first piece I was inspired to create, and yet, the last piece in the Wavemaker Collection to be made. It was persistence and a strong sense of purpose that drove me to stay the course while I went through numerous design iterations until I got it right.

Ali Gunn Jewelry Soar Earring

The idea for these earrings came to my mind so clearly. I wanted to design something that would make it clear that when you walked into the room, it was yours. These earrings are the fruit of that inspiration.

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Ali Gunn Jewelry Ali's Picks

For when it’s time for a splash

Audacious and bold, the Splash Collection is an evolution of organic shapes and textures that take up space and refuse to be missed. .

For when it’s
time to rise

Inspired by the beauty and symbolism of the triangle, the Rise Collection is an expression of strength, balance, and unity.

For women creating their own lane

We believe there is no one way to look like a leader. Inspired by organic shapes, textures, and asymmetry, Ali Gunn pieces are as unique as the multifaceted women who wear them.

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Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ali Gunn jewelry is handcrafted using materials sourced from U.S. suppliers for exceptional quality and ethical practices.