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I’ve never been someone to follow the status quo. Whether I’m walking into a male dominated board room with pink hair or raising an issue while others stayed quiet, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel.

When a big occasion sent me on the hunt for a beautiful piece of jewelry that was bold, unique, and meaningful, all I found were pieces that were gaudy or unnecessarily ornate (which is so, last century.) I couldn’t bear the thought of giving up and buying a cookie-cutter design, so what was I to do?

I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I created it.

Ali Gunn pieces mean something and exude the strength it takes to command presence — whether you’re leading the meeting or raising your hand for the first time. 

Jewelry should make a statement, even when you aren’t. The pieces you wear shouldn’t look like everything else. Everywhere you go, you see the same tired designs, covered with different stones, as if a different stone makes the piece special. Jewelry should be as unique as the women who wear them. As unique as I know you are.

We need to disrupt the way people think about, and wear, jewelry.

Gone are the days when women dressed up for balls in gowns and ornate jewelry. These days, the only room I’m working is the boardroom, not the ballroom. So our options need to be different. 

There is nothing like Ali Gunn out there and we believe that is a good thing. Most jewelers will tell you that tiny is on trend. Well, we are BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL and we’re not ones to hide.

When you choose a piece of jewelry, it’s an extension of you and who you are as a person and I implore you not to hide!

Ali Gunn jewelry is about more than shiny metal and sparkly rocks.

It’s about being bold and standing up.

It’s about that time you were the only woman in that meeting.

It’s about the time they said you couldn’t do it.

It’s about not being afraid to show yourself to the world.

It’s about strength and empowerment.

And it’s about power. The power of YOUR voice. It’s about EVERY DAMN TIME you used your voice when you didn’t think you could!

I am inspired by stories of brave women. I find myself looking for these stories everywhere. From people I know and meet, to books and biographies, and even the news. What I do not see in these different places is the stories of regular, everyday women, like you and me, who perform small acts of bravery and courage. Every. Single. Day.

These women are you. It is for you that I design my jewelry.

All my pieces are symbolic of your everyday acts of courage, grit, determination, and awesomeness!

We have a simple mission here at Ali Gunn: We want to be the necklace that you put on when you want to impress the board. We want to be the earrings you don for that presentation regarding more funding. We want to be that badass ring you rock to rock the day. And, we want to be the bracelet or cuff that makes you look like Wonder Woman.

Let the outside match the inside. We see you.




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